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luthier of viols, fiddle and other early music instruments in Kraków, Poland



Fiddles, viols, and other bowed instruments

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We are located near Rondo Grzegórzeckie. Plan your journey via public transport here.


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Warsztat znajduje się w pobliżu Ronda Grzegórzeckiego. Dojazd srodkami komunikacji miejskiej...


...after trying for four days I found the instrument gave well balanced tones with rich and deep sound in lower register and warm and bright sound in higher register. It seems to have both merits at the same time: the brightness of a six stringed instrument and the richness of seven stringed one.
— Y.F. Japan
I am dropping a few words to tell you how happy I am with the new viol. Every day I am discovering new sound-shades and resonance. It is very well balanced through all registers, sonorous (which I like) and noble in sound. In short I would call it generous, warm, honest.
— M.K. Poland
The fiddle has just arrived. Thank you! Wonderful instrument. Easy handling and BIG sound!
— H.K. Germany
The viola da braccio was a big hit yesterday! My group loves the way it works with the sound of the other period instruments - it doesn’t overpower them and is more mellow. This is now my fiddle of choice for our Renaissance group. I find it very comfortable tucked under the chin, no dent marks on my neck from chin rests!!!
— J.W. California, USA