About Matthew Farley

Matthew Farley is a luthier working in Cracow (Kraków), Poland. For four years he studied under an Italian master luthier near Rome, there assisting in the construction of over 100 instruments. Currently Matthew primarily makes bowed instruments for playing Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque music. All of his instruments are carefully researched and designed in an attempt to approach the historical sound and appearance, while simultaneously taking into account the demands of modern musicians and modern concert venues.

Matthew builds each instrument of native European woods that are true to the materials largely available to and used by luthiers of the past. Starting from large billets of maple and spruce, he does all of the preliminary carpentry necessary to prepare instrument parts himself–thus allowing him to offer his instruments at a price reasonable for early music enthusiasts, as well as serious (but frugal) professionals. No part of his instruments is outsourced (save for the strings!), giving him the freedom to follow his own craftsman’s vision from the earliest stages to the final product.